Woodstation 4th Grade Christmas Song

The combined 4th grade classes of Woodstation Elementary School have written and recorded a brand new Christmas song that we think will become a holiday classic. The song is called “When Christmas Gets Here,” and you can download a copy of the song right here for free. Simply right click (or Option click for you Mac users) on the image below to start the download, and you can add the track to your music library.

When Christmas Day Gets Here (art) 

Just think of it as a our little Christmas present to you!

You can also hear the song on YouTube by clicking here.


Merry Christmas from the 4th Grade!

Woodstation 2nd & 3rd Graders Record Snow Song

The students of Woodstation Elementary School usually do not  see much snow during the winter, but this year was the exception with more snow Snow is Falling Down

and ice than we’ve seen in a while, including one eight inch snowfall just a few weeks ago. So, to celebrate this rare winter wonderland, the 2nd and 3rd grade students at Woodstation have recorded one of Dr. Lane’s songs called, “Snow is Falling Down,”  and you can download an mp3 of the song by clicking here.

You can also hear the song on YouTube by clicking here. Finally, we’ve included the song in our latest Woodstation Music Podcast show (#47). You can find the Woodstation Music Podcast on iTunes by clicking here.


Download the New Woodstation 4th Grade Christmas Single

Can't Wait for Chistmas DayThe 4th Grade class of Woodstation Elementary School as written and recorded a brand new Christmas song that’s destined to be the next big holiday hit. The song is called “Can’t Wait for Christmas Day!,” and you can listen to it here:


You can download the mp3 of the song by right-clicking here.

Our song is also on YouTube, and you can see the video by clicking here.

Let all your friends and family know about this recording, so we can get as many “hits” as we can!

Listen to the Woodstation Music Podcast Here!

As you already know, the Woodstation Music Podcast website is undergoing a redesign that will make it more useful and up-to-date. Eventually, the podcast itself will be hosted here again with its own page. Until then, you can listen to the podcast here. Of course, you can always find the podcast on iTunes here as well. And while you are listening to us on iTunes, be sure to click the “Subscribe” button to get every new show automatically.

The New Woodstation Music Podcast Website

As you can see, the Woodstation Music Podcast website looks different. We are making BIG changes to the look and feel of the website for several reasons, one of which is to make it look more modern (it has looked the same since it first came online in 2008), and another is to make it work better for you. There will be a lot here to see about all that goes on in the WES Music Room!

It’s going to take a little while to make all these changes, so be patient. But the podcast itself is still available on iTunes. You can access it by clicking here.

So check back soon!